Monday, March 7, 2011

Spinach Dip in Bread Bowls-Say What?

Originally posted 12/13/10

Hello everybody!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We did….We are just wondering where our snow is?  We have had an unseasonable warm spell.  By “warm”, I mean warm for Northern Nevada.  It has been up to 60 degrees here, which is way above average for December here.  I think it is supposed to snow here this weekend, so I should be careful what I wish for;)

Today I am going to show you how to make one of my favorite appetizers…..One that would be perfect for Holiday parties.  I have told you all about my love of appetizers many times before, so I won’t get into it again.  I’m like Cher’s character in the movie “Mermaids.”  “A word about Mrs. Flax and food: the word is hors d’oeurves.  Fun Finger Foods is her main source book and it’s all the woman cooks.”-Charlotte Flax, Mermaids….I’m actually just like Cher, without the wigs and skimpy outfits.  I actually do a great Cher impression.  I will share it with you when we are all a better friends.  Anyways, I love Holiday parties because they always include lots of appetizers, finger foods, hors d’oeurves, whatever you want to call them.  This one will impress your friends and family, I promise.

I am a lover of spinach dip.  All dips, actually. -Ok, ok sorry. I will stop talking about my love for apps- But I hate when it is served in a bread bowl.  Why, you ask?  Because as with all dips, people double dip.  They tear at the bowl when the bread chunks are gone, before the bowl is ready to be torn!  And why are the bread chunks gone so soon?  I have solved that.  I serve individual bread bowls (bite-sized) stuffed with spinach dip.  Genius, if I do say so myself!;)

I start with a loaf of frozen bread dough.  I follow the directions on the package, which are to place it on a greased cookie sheet to rise.  I cover it in a piece of greased plastic wrap.  And by greased, I mean sprayed with cooking spray.  I let it sit on the counter for about 8 hours.  It will almost triple in size and look like this….
You could make your own dough, I guess.  But why would you do that when the good people at bread company mix it and knead it for you?
After the dough has sufficiently risen, I cut it into chunks.  I keep the chunks as equally sized as possible.
I bake the chunks, on a greased cookie sheet, according to the package directions.  My brand of bread dough is 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
When the chunks have cooled a bit, I cut their little tops off.  I throw them away.  Ok, I eat them.  But I guess you could save them for bread crumbs if you are super ambitious.
After I cut the tops off, I scoop the insides out.  Again, you could save them, but I throw them away.  OK!!!  I eat them, you forced it out of me.
I stuff the bread “bowls” with spinach dip.  I use store bought.  You can totally make your own, and it really isn’t that hard.  I just figure that if I am taking the time to make cute little bowls, I can get away with using store bought dip.
One loaf of frozen bread dough will yield about about 35 little bread “bowls”.  They are so cute and so tasty!  People will freak out-seriously.  You have to admit, people love spinach dip.  It always goes quick at parties.  It is a favorite of mine too, as long as it doesn’t get stuck in my teeth.

See you on Wednesday!

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