Monday, March 7, 2011

Gifts For the Wee Ones

Originally posted 1/18/11

So I feel like I have been bombarding you with recipes lately, and I haven’t provided nearly the amount of crafty stuff that I originally promised.  This weekend I decided to rectify that.  I dusted off my glue gun, and I got my craft on…..I have many friends that are having babies, just had babies, or in the process of trying to have babies.  This means many a baby gift will need to be provided.  I always like to make at least part of the gift.  I feel this makes it more special.  Of course, I like to provide what a new mama needs, but hopefully she will get that from everyone else.  It’s nice to make your gift stand out.
Usually I am a fan of making burp cloths for new mamas.  I still think that is a great idea, as babies are barfy and many new moms don’t realize this…..but I decided to try something new.  One thing a mama always needs is baby wipes, for obvious reasons….and for some not so obvious ones.  They really do clean up anything.  I use them all the time, and my kids are 3 and 6.  I use them to clean messy hands, clean milk spills on my car seats, and sometimes I take my make-up off with them.  The travel pack that they come in is boring.  Plain and simple….and boring.  With all the snazzy diaper bags available these days, and fancy bibs, burp cloths, etc…..I decided it was high time to spice up the travel pack of baby wipes.

How boring is this?
How fancy is this?
This really is such an easy project.  It is something that anyone can do, and it really only requires rhinestone type gems, a glue gun and some ribbon, and of course, the travel pack of wipes.

I have a good friend, named Shannon, who is having a baby girl in April.  This is Shannon’s second little girl, so she already had everything she needs.  It is always harder to give a gift for a 2nd or 3rd time mama.  By the 4th, I think you just toss them some diapers and wish them luck.  I won’t give away what Shannon plans to name this baby girl, let’s just say it starts with an “A”.
To start, I used rhinestone type gems with a flat back (available at any craft store), ribbon and a glue gun.  And no, I’m not positive what that gross looking smudge is on my glue gun, but I think it’s paint.

I traced the letter that I want in the middle with pencil.  Then, I glues on the colored gems.  Like this….
You only need a little bit of glue.  If you squirt on too much, you will never get your gems down before the glue dries.  I squirt enough glue on for about 3 gems at a time.  I just do a thin line, as too much causes a big fat gluey mess.
Also, I use what would be the back of the travel pack.  I don’t use the front because it has the handy, quick access opening.

Once the initial is glued down, I start with the clear gems.  I try to make pretty straight lines, at least until I get to the initial in the middle. 
This is what it looks like with all the gems on….
Once I have all the gems on, I glue ribbon all the way around the rim, making sure not to go over the tab that opens the container.
I used purple ribbon….it looks blue in this picture, but I promise….it’s purple.

After the ribbon is on….it’s done.  It takes maybe 30 minutes.  That’s it!  30 minutes to a super cute gift.  I can’t wait to give this to Shannon.  Shan-if you are reading this…..act surprised.

Now just a little disclaimer:  this is just for grown-ups.  Please don’t give this to your baby to keep them busy or quiet.  Obviously, these gems can come off if pulled, and yes, that would be a choking hazard.  This is just for looks….to keep mama fancy and lookin’ good….it is not a toy.  That probably went without saying….but ya never know.

Here is a final shot, just so you can really see the beauty;)
Have a great week!  I will see you all on Thursday;)

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