Sunday, March 6, 2011

Craft Time!

Originally posted 11/10/10

I’m back!  And as promised, I have a great handmade Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza gift to show you.  It is also a great birthday gift....if your birthday was yesterday, and your name is Jennifer.  Or even a housewarming gift….stop reading this now, Jordan!  It is a beautiful wreath made with …….coffee filters.  I swear, I’m not making this up!  You will see below, it is gorgeous, and it doesn’t look like a wreath full of coffee filters.  I also have a special treat for the kiddos, turkeys!  The turkeys are a quick project that I made with my girls, and you will want to make them with your kids too.  They are super cute and super easy.
I will start with the wreath…are you dying to see it?  You have to wait.  This is something that you can make pretty quickly, while watching TV even!  I like that kind of craft the best;)
To start with, you need a wreath form.  These are available at the dollar store for…..one dollar.  I covered mine with white yarn, but you could paint it too.  That would be easier, but I didn’t want to go outside to spray paint.  It’s cold here!  I also used brown coffee filters, but you could use white.  I envision white filters with a light blue ribbon for Hanukah.  Since I was making this for a November birthday, I used brown filter and brown ribbon.  You also need a glue gun and straight pins.  And lastly, scissors.
You need a glue gun for this, otherwise you would be waiting too long for your glue to dry.
For starters, lay out a bunch of coffee filters.  It is easier to separate them first, instead of trying to peel them apart when you have hot glue already applied.  You put your finger in the middle of the coffee filter and glue it on the wreath.  Just like the picture above.
You keep going around the wreath, until you fill the whole thing.  It still looks like coffee filters above, but I promise…..as it fills in, it just looks like beautiful brown ruffles.
Once you have completed one full row, all the way around.  You can stop.  Or, you can fill up the entire wreath form.  That will make for one poofy wreath!!  When I filled mine in, to my liking, I pinned ribbon into the back for a hanger.  You could glue it here, but I chose pins so the recipient can adjust the ribbon, if needed.
This is my finished wreath.  I don’t think it looks like a jumble of coffee filters, personally.  I think it is a beautiful wreath, and most people won’t be able to tell what it is made out of.  This is an example of a single row of filters. 
This is an example of more then one row of filters.  I did a double layer on this wreath.  It is so poofy, it would never hang, but I think it looks great leaning against the wall on my mantle.  Totally your call on how many layers you do, but I think anybody would be thrilled to get this as a gift.  You can even make it more Christmasy with white filters and red and green ribbon. 

Now onto the cutest little turkeys in the world!  My girls and I had a great time making these little guys, and it was a super easy project. 
Don’t you want to make these with your kids?  And BTW, that white lacy disaster is our craft tablecloth, I swear I’m not at my Grandma Eleanor’s house…
We used foam balls for the body and heads.  We painted them brown with brushes, but spray painting would work too.  We also used felt for the waddles and beaks.  I had felt lying around, but it is super cheap to buy if you don’t have any.  I also had googly eyes and feathers in my craft stuff…..I am a preschool teacher in another life;)
Little Addy concentrating super hard on cutting out her waddle…..
Addy gluing her eyeballs on….
We used hot glue, which I applied for the girls.  Quick little tip for the foam bodies…..use a knife to cut off a piece of the bottom.  The turkeys need a flat bottom to stand up!
Paisley’s favorite part was the feathers.  She is the kid that loves to pick up feathers off the ground, but her mean mommy doesn’t let her…..I am scared she will get West Nile;)  Anyhoo, the store bought feathers rule.
The girls were so proud of these little guys.  They will play a big part in our Thanksgiving decorations, I’m sure.

I hope that you all try these crafts.  Like I said above, I think that the coffee filter wreath would be a great Christmas gift.  It costs all of about $4 to make it, so it is a great option for a frugal handmade gift.  And you have to make the turkeys because they are just plain fun to make!!

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