Monday, March 7, 2011

Pillow Fight!

Originally posted 12/8/10

Good morning!  Only 16 days till Christmas!  But you still have plenty of time to make some gifts for those that you love!  Sometimes handmade gifts are just the thing to give the person that has everything.  Do you have that person in your life?  You know, the person that just buys whatever they want, so when it is time to get a gift……. they want, or need, absolutely nothing.  Handmade is the way to go, I tell ya!

Today’s idea is a quick one.  I decorated throw pillows for the holiday season.  So easy and so cute!  Definitely something that will be brought out with the holiday decorations, year after year.
All you need for this is throw pillows, hot glue or fabric glue, felt, scissors and ric-rac.  I bought my throw pillows at Target….2 for $12.  They are sort of a velvet-esque material.  I chose red because I thought that was festive, but you can choose whatever color you want.

For the “Nice” pillow, which by the way says “naughty” on the other side, I printed out the words on cardstock.  I chose a font that I thought would be easy to trace and cut out.  I traced the words on to felt and cut them out.  I hot glued them on, and that was that.  Done! 

For the ornament pillow, I free-handed the design onto felt.  I cut the felt out, and I hot glued the ric-rac onto the actual felt ornaments before I glued them onto the pillow. 
Then, I glued the ornaments onto the pillow.
I also glued ric-rac onto the pillow to “hang” the ornaments. 
I love the way these pillows turned out, and I am so excited to give these away as gifts.  Such an easy last minute gift!  And I’m not kidding when I say “last minute”.  These pillows took me less then an hour to decorate.  Since they are so easy to make….make some for yourself too!  Doesn’t your couch deserve some fun?;)

I kept today short and sweet to make up for the super long post I posted on Monday.  Can’t have you getting bored halfway through!  But before you go……I want to show you one last thing.  I have a friend, named Alena, who makes the most gorgeous things with beads!  She makes rings, hair clips, and I talked her into making me napkin rings.
Aren’t those amazing? 
Close up for you……

Alena sells her work at her Etsy shop.  I think that anything she makes would be an excellent Christmas gift.  Her work is one of a kind, and such a thoughtful gift to give.  You can find her work at http://www.etsy.com/shop/thebeadtanicalgarden.  Check it out!  You will love her stuff as much as I do!

See you on Friday!


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