Monday, March 7, 2011

Sneak Attack!

Originally posted 11/20/10

Sneak attack post!  I usually never post on the weekends, but there are two reasons for this…..#1-It is snowing pretty hard here, almost blizzard-esque, so we are stuck at home and I got to workin’ on my Thanksgiving tables, and #2-I had no other day scheduled for table ideas anyway.  Anyway, Thanksgiving is at my house this year, and I really wanted to make the tables pretty.  I used stuff I had laying around my house, dollar store finds and Wal-Mart finds, so all in all, it was pretty cheap.  I love the way it turned out, and I really hope that I can keep my kids grubby paws off of it for 5 more days….

The first thing I want to show you is the chalkboard trays I made.
Ok, first off, I know I have horrible handwriting.  Yes, it looks like my 6 year old wrote it.  Maybe I will just go with that.  Yours will be cuter.
I took simple, plastic trays from the dollar store and spray painted them with chalkboard spray paint.  Yep, it is a real thing.  You can spray anything and give it a chalkboard surface.  Loves it!  These trays were Christmas themed, and it took a couple of coats to cover Santa, etc.  Once dried, you can use chalkboard pens (available at craft stores) or chalk.  True, they might not be food safe, but you can use them for drinks, cupcakes, decoration, etc.  I thought they turned out really cute!

The next thing I made is sort of a cake-stand type deal. 
Literally, all this is, is a disposable silver tray and glass candle stick from the dollar store.  I sprayed them with a bronze spray paint.  It took several coats, but they turned out awesome!  I hot-glued the stand to the tray, and voila…instant cake stand!  They aren’t the sturdiest thing around, but super cute and an intricate part of my Turkey Day table.  A stand like this from Pottery Barn or something like that would cost at least $25.  Mine was $2 because I already had the paint and glue on hand.  Isn’t it super fancy?  This will go on my grown-up table, which I will get to later…..

I have quite a few people coming to my house for Thanksgiving, and my kids will be relegated to their very own “kid’s table”.  This works out for the best because Paisley spills everything she touches, so it’s best to not have her next to grown-ups.  I have a little wooden table that I used, but really any small table would work.
I covered the table in white freezer paper.  One side is shiny, but the other is perfect for coloring on, and a huge roll is only a couple of bucks.  I drew a plate and silverware onto the paper.  I set out a jar of crayons, a jar of pens, and a tiny jar of stickers so the kids can go to town decorating their table while everyone else eats and talks. 
I also used one of the turkeys they made awhile ago for decoration.  Hopefully, one of the kids will create a masterpiece that I can peel off the table and sell for a million bucks.  That kind of thing happens, right?

Onto the grown-up table….
This is just one of the tables I will have out on Thanksgiving. I used a plain green tablecloth I found at Wal-Mart for super cheap.  I used burlap for a table runner.  I am having a love affair with burlap lately.  It is cheap, and can be used in so many different ways.  It doesn’t need to be sewn!  The edges look rustic, and it really looks as if it supposed to be frayed.
I made 3 of the cake stands that I showed you how to make above.  I stacked them with things I had around the house.  I used walnuts, clementines (little oranges), Indian corn and mini pumpkins.   
I should look into taking the stickers off the clementines first;)  Oh well, I’ve got some time before the big day.
I used cute jars that I had saved with tea lights in them.  Remember to use unscented candles!  You don’t want the smell of your candles to get in the way of the smell of your fabulous turkey….hopefully, your fabulous Whiskey Apple turkey!!
I got the plates from the dollar store for…….wait for it……$1 each;)  I used plain napkins that I got for a steal at Wal-Mart.  (Yes, I love me some Wal-Mart….don’t you judge)  I tied the silverware with raffia and made cute little place cards from scrap paper and fall themed stickers.

I really love the way my tables turned out, especially the cake stands.  I will probably make more for Christmas, Valentines Day, Arbor Day, etc.  So easy and cheap, but they look great.  Now, I just have to keep the tables looking this way for 5 more days.  Wish me luck!

Don’t forget that I released 3 more products on my website, www.Gourmetrooster.com.  Food makes great Christmas gifts!!  I will see you on Monday with 2 great Turkey Day dessert recipes!


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