Monday, March 7, 2011

Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit

Originally posted 12/3/10

Hello!  TGIF!
I hope that when you read my blog….you see the point I am trying to make.  I take ordinary things (recipes, crafts, etc.) and make them a bit fancier.  Like I say on my website, I like to “find the fancy” in everyday, run of the mill, things.  I really do feel that my products, on www.gourmetrooster.com, really help with this.  Today I am going to show two quick things you can do with my sauces.  I hesitate to even call them recipes….they are really too easy to even be called that.  Instead, they are an embellishment to store-bought products.  But they take the store-bought product and bring them up to another level.  Nobody will ever know that you didn’t make this stuff from scratch!

The first “recipe” I am going to give you is for BBQ beans.  Yes, I realize this is more of a summer recipe.  But at my house, we eat them all year ‘round.  They are a kid-pleaser, for sure. 
I start with three cans of pork and beans.  I don’t drain them.  I just dump them in a baking dish.  For this recipe you can also use plain baked beans from a can.
Now here is what I jazz the beans up with.  Bacon, one whole chopped onion, and some of my Whiskey Apple BBQ Sauce.  I like the sweetness of the sauce with these beans.  I chop up the bacon and sauté it in a pan, until it is brown and crispy.  Then, I take it out to drain.
In the bacon drippings, I sauté the onion until it is softened.  I would eat my toes if they were cooked in bacon drippings.  I wish it was still appropriate to have a can o’ bacon drippings on the back of my stove, ready to use for anything.  But, alas, it is not 1955 in Arkansas…….
I put the sautéed onions, bacon and about 1 cup of my sauce into the pork and beans and mix well.  I bake it at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, or until it is really bubbly on top.  These beans taste so homemade.  I really don’t think that anyone would guess that they weren’t completely from scratch…..unless they read this;)
My family likes to eat the beans with some broiled smoked sausage tossed in.  It is sort of a grown-up version of “Beanies and Wienies.”  I think I like to make that mostly because I like to say it;)  These beans are so warm and filling on a cold winter’s day…..there is no reason to saved BBQ beans for just the summer!

The second “recipe” I am going to give you is for Thumbprint Cookies.  I love to jazz up store-bought sugar cookie dough with one of my fruit spreads.  Today, I had sugar cookie dough that came already formed in individual pieces, but you could totally use slice and bake dough.  Or, you could make your own dough if you were feeling particularly ambitious…..
I put the dough on a cookie sheet.  I use a melon baller to make indentations in each cookie, but your thumb works just as well…..hence the name “thumbprint cookies.”
With a teaspoon, I put a little bit of my County Fair Peach Spread in the well that I made, in each cookie.  I baked my cookies according to package directions.  They will make your house smell so good!
Everyone will love these cookies, and again, they will never know that you took help from the grocery store….or your freezer. 

I hope that these two “recipes” help you to see what you can do with my products, if you just use your imagination.  I will share ideas like this from time to time…….I “cook” like this all of the time.  We are all busy, and we should take all the help we can get!

Have a great weekend!

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