Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Upside Down Peachy Cinnamon Rolls

Hi guys!  Super quick post for me today…..

I have been sitting on this recipe since Valentine’s Day, waiting for the day that I needed a fast post.  Really, this is barely even a recipe.  It is basically a way to “fancy” up a canned product, and turn it into something else entirely.  And, it takes about 10 minutes.  Are you sick of trying to guess what it is?......

That, my friends, is an “Upside Down Peachy Cinnamon Roll”.  I put butter, brown sugar and Gourmet Rooster County Fair Peach Spread into the bottom of a muffin tin, and top that with a canned cinnamon roll.  They get baked, and when they are done….I flip them out and ta-da….a perfectly baked cinnamon roll topped with yummy peachy-ness and caramel!  I also jazz up the frosting a bit too.  I will show you exactly how I did it….but quickly…because I have to pick up Addy from school soon.  Then we have baseball practice, homework, dinner, etc. 

Is it summer yet?  Seriously, is school out yet?

Like I said, I used a can of refrigerated cinnamon rolls, butter, brown sugar and Gourmet Rooster County Fair Peach Spread.

I suppose you could use any kind of fruit spread.  But come on….Gourmet Rooster is preferable.  Mamma needs a new pair of shoes.

I melted the butter and put about a teaspoon into each well.  Don’t you judge me on the condition of my muffin tin;)

Then, I added a scant teaspoon of brown sugar to the melted butter.

I also put about a teaspoon of the peach spread on top of that.  I kept everything to “teaspoons” to keep it easy.

I put a cinnamon roll on top of all that jazz.  Then, I baked these according to the package instructions.

Yum!  But before I flip these guys out….let me show you how to spice up the frosting.

I normally skip the frosting that comes with these cinnamon rolls because it tastes like the can it came in.  But when you add brown sugar and butter to it…..it ain’t half bad;)  I added about a tablespoon of melted butter and a tablespoon of the brown sugar.  I mixed this all up until it was smooth.  The good news is, you end up with even more frosting!  So, each roll gets more!!

What wouldn’t be good with melted butter and brown sugar stirred into it??

When you flip these babies out…you will have to spoon some of the peachy goodness out of the bottom and back over the top of the cinnamon roll.  Be sure to scrape it all out!

Chris said these were, by far, the best cinnamon rolls he had ever had.  He was shocked to find out they came out of a can.  He asked me if I made them from scratch.  Yeah, I snuck out of bed at 4am to get the yeast going…..let the rolls rise, kneaded the dough, and baked them all by 8am.  Because that’s the kind of wife and mom I am;)

You will love these cinnamon rolls….I promise!  They really don’t taste canned.  They are flaky, sweet, buttery and all together delicious!

I will see you all on Thursday, and I promise….I will have more time to spend with you.

Upside Down Peachy Cinnamon Rolls

1 can refrigerated cinnamon rolls, plus frosting (usually contains 8 rolls)

3 tablespoons, plus 2 teaspoons butter

3 tablespoons, plus 2 teaspoons brown sugar

2 tablespoons, plus 2 teaspoons Gourmet Rooster County Fair Peach Spread

Pre-heat oven according to package directions.

Melt butter.  Put 1 teaspoon into the bottom of each 8 wells in a muffin tin.  Top butter with a teaspoon of brown sugar.  Add 1 teaspoon of peach spread as well.  Place a cinnamon roll into each well.  Bake according to package directions.

Invert cinnamon rolls while still warm.

For frosting:

Stir remaining melted butter and brown sugar into frosting.  Pour over each cinnamon roll.

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