Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Treats and My One Year Anniversary!

So I have been blogging for a whole year now.  Crazy, right?  It has gone by fast.  I have learned a lot over this past year.  I have learned what you all want to see, and what you don’t……sort of.  Some blog posts that I love and think will be huge, sometimes get very little attention….while the ones that I don’t think are superstars get a lot of comments.  It’s a tricky business, this blogging.  I have also learned more about photography, although my husband would argue that.  He seems to think he has to be my official photographer.  But yes, it has been a whole year. 
Here are two pictures from my very first blog….

I think my pictures look a lot better these days;)
As for today….I have two really cute ideas for Halloween.  The best part is….they are super easy.  I will show you how to make a Halloween white chocolate bark candy, and I will also show you how to make Alien Zombie Cookies.  What is an Alien Zombie?  Don’t ask me.  Ask my 6 year old.  She named them that.  Text her.  I’m kidding.  She doesn’t have a phone, but she seems to think she needs one for Christmas.  I don’t know who she would call….her friends don’t have phones!
I have shown you how to make bark candy before…back around Valentine’s Day.  It is essentially melted chocolate chips poured out onto a sheet pan.  Whatever you want gets sprinkled on top before the chocolate has a chance to harden.  For this “Halloween” bark, I used various Halloween candies such as fall M&M’s, candy corn, candy pumpkins, and Halloween sprinkles. 
BTW-I used 2 bags of white chocolate chips.

I started by melting the chocolate.  I put my chips in a microwavable bowl.  I popped them in the microwave for about 1 minute, on 50% heat.  After that, I stirred them and microwaved them in 30 second increments until they were melted.  My chips took about 2 minutes total.  Just make sure you stir them really well between micro trips.  The stirring will help melt them.

Once the chocolate was melted, I poured it onto a sheet pan that I had lined with foil.  Then, I sprinkled my candy on.  Some of the candy needed a slight “push” into the chocolate……mainly the bigger pumpkins.
This takes about 30 minutes to harden all the way.  Then, you just break it into pieces and it is ready to go!

I brought this to Addy’s last cheer practice and the girls freaked over it.  I was so popular with them….I felt like Justin Bieber!  It packages up really well, and it will last at least a week…..if your family doesn’t eat it first.  This is such a quick and easy treat to make!
Onto the Alien Zombies….
All I needed for these guys was chocolate chip cookies, 3 colors squirty frosting, and candy eyeballs.  The candy eyeballs are made by Wilton.  I found them at Wal-Mart, but I know you can also get them at Michael’s or Joanne’s.  Those are craft stores, FYI.  I didn’t just send you to someone’s house names Michael or Joanne.
I used packaged cookies because they are harder than homemade cookies tend to be.  This will be easier when assembling the cookies…but hey, suit yourself.  If you want to bake….have at it;)
I squirted white frosting on the back of one cookie to act as glue.  The white frosting will also hold the eyeballs on.  I used red for a tongue and green for alien slime.  Then I put the top cookie over the bottom one, as if its mouth was open.

Are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I had the green “slime” oozing out of the zombie’s mouths…..That was supposed to make them look gross, but my kids thought that was the best part.  More frosting!
Don’t you think these would be the best Halloween treat?  What do you make for Halloween?  I would love to see your ideas….post them on my Facebook page.
Thanks for hangin’ with me over this past year….I hope you stick around!


  1. Thanks for dropping by! Those cookies look tasty, and they remind me of little hamburgers for some reason. :)

  2. Just finished making some Halloween bark to hand out after my daughter's soccer game....okay, not so healthy, but I threw in a granola bar to balance things out. She is super excited and loved sprinkling everything on!!! Love the idea!!